Nick Green, founder of the Social Distancing.

The Social Distancing Festival, an online arts festival, has included my Leaf Dances paintings in its website. The URL for this feature is

Please also go to the festival’s homepage to see online theatre, dance, and other visual arts events.

The Festival’s Founder

Nick Green, a Toronto actor and playwright, started the festival to rally support both among and for artists. Being online, the festival features artists and events from around the world.

Read about Nick and the Social Distancing Festival in The Stage, a British theatre magazine.

The Leaf Dances Page

Top of my page on the Social Distancing Festival’s website.

My page on the festival’s website includes the following items:

  • A video, Oak Dances: A 10-Painting Series, which shows my research and preparation for those tightly related paintings.
  • Selected paintings from the Leaf Dances exhibition at Art Noise Gallery, Kingston, ON.

Please peruse the entire festival website. It contains a wealth entertainment in diverse disciplines and genres. Enjoy your COVID-19 isolation with the Social Distancing Festival!