“Leaf Dances” Exhibition Coming

Exhibition poster - Bob Young - Art Noise Gallery

EVENT: Opening Reception, “Leaf Dances” exhibition WHEN: Friday, March 6th, 6:00–9:00pm WHERE: Art Noise, 290 Princess Street, Kingston, ON. (613) 767-7860 Please come out for the opening of my art show titled “Leaf Dances.” The paintings are colourful, semi-abstract acrylics based on tree and shrub leaves. You’ll also get a musical treat: David Mott, a […]

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Oak Dances: Research & Prep Video

Video still from Oak Dances video - Bob Young - Visual Artist

Watch a two-minute video of my research and preparation for the 10-painting series “Oak Dances.” The clip shows my selection of six species of oak, how I overlap them sequentially like a musical round, and how I generate a random grid for each painting in the “Oak Dances” series. Refer to this post for details […]

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Video of My Process

Paintings Processes - video of artist Bob Young

A two-minute video of my process for the painting “White Oak Leaves,” acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 inches. The film focuses on the early stages: brushing in the main shapes with liquid, dripping paint; spattering with a painting knife and a toothbrush.  

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The Why and How of Varnishing Acrylics

Brush applying varnish to a painting

For many years, the consensus was that acrylic paintings didn’t need to be — or couldn’t be — varnished. But in the last couple of decades, conservation science and technology have developed varnishes for the acrylic medium. Why Varnish? Artists’ acrylic paint, when dry, is porous enough to collect dust and dirt. And any paint film may […]

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